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State Hydrographic Service of Georgia

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Black and AZOW Seas working group meeting was held in Istanbul

Giorgi Kartvelishvili, Head of the Hydrographic Research, Cartography and Correction Division of the State Hydrographic Service of Georgia and Manana Kirtadze, cartographer of the same division, participated in the 17th working group meeting of the Black and Azov Seas of the International Hydrographic Organization (BASWG 17), which was held in Istanbul on March 23-24 this year.

  The International Hydrographic Organization holds  biennial working  group meetings  and representatives of the hydrographic agencies of the countries of the Black and Azov sea basins participate in it.


 ON BASWG meetings are discussed  Issues related to the delimitation of nautical charts produced in the region, the production of nautical charts.


Within the framework of the meeting, Georgia presented the newly created  navigation charts  and the report of the works and innovative projects carried out by the service for the purpose of maritime safety in the last two years.


At the meeting, the working group also discussed the vital importance of hydrography as a science and its data for the world\\\'s seas and oceans. The  importance of Maritime Safety Information (MSI), which serves to inform seafarers for navigational safety was mentioned  during the working group meeting as well. 

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Facilities Adapted for Disabled people